Weekly Reset October 2 – 9


Flashpoint: Mercury


Lake of Shadows
Earth. Stem the tide of Taken flowing into the European Dead Zone from beneath the waves.
The Arms Dealer
Earth. Shut down the operations of an ironmonger providing weapons to the Red Legion.
Tree of Probabilities
Mercury. Contain a rampant army of Red Legion within the Infinite Forest.

Heroic Strike Weekly Modifier
Arc Singe

Spider’s Bounty
Gravetide Summoner on Titan

Petra’s Quest
Broken Courier

Ascendant Challenge
Bay of Drowned Wishes

Crucible: Doubles

Escalation Protocol

Kathok, Roar of Xol: IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1 (Submachine Gun)

Leviathan Raid Challenges

The Proving
Complete every trial Calus has set before you.
The Labyrinth
Loot 3 of Calus’s gifts in the underbelly of the Leviathan.
The Gauntlet
Discover the hidden victory condition in The Gauntlet encounter.

Leviathan Raid Order

The Royal Baths > The Pleasure Gardens > The Gauntlet > Calus

Leviathan Prestige Raid

Prism: Attacks matching the periodically rotating focused element do more damage. Other elemental damage is reduced. Incoming damage is unaffected.

Armsmaster: You’ve been challenged to wield the following: Kinetic: SMG, Energy: Anything, Power: Grenade Launcher

Xûrday August 31, 2018


Xûr has arrived at The Winding Cove in the EDZ.

Isochronal Engram (97 LS)
*1 per account

Armor (23 LS)
Knucklehead Radar
Vesper of Radius
Ashen Wake

Weapon (29 LS)
Prometheus Lens

Three of Coins (31 LS)
Five of Swords (Legendary NF Challenge Card)