Weekly Reset August 15 – 22


Weekly Featured Events

Raid: Crota’s End
Challenge of Elders: Ironclad, Trickle, Grenade Kill Bonus
Nightfall Strike: Sepiks Perfected: Arc Burn, Small Arms, Juggler, Ironclad, Daybreak
SIVA Crisis Heroic: Heroic, Arc Burn, Specialist, Juggler
Story Mission: Earth and Moon: Heroic, Small Arms, Chaff
Crucible: Combined Arms

Faction Material Donations

Dead Orbit: Spirit Bloom
Future War Cult: Spinmetal
New Monarchy: Relic Iron

Tyra’s Artifacts

Gheleon: DIS+32, STR+36 (89% of max roll)
Skorri: STR+72 (95% of max roll)
Radegast: INT+36, STR+34 (92% of max roll)

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