Weekly Reset November 22 – 29


Nightfall: Fallen S.A.B.E.R.: Epic, Catapult, Fresh Troops, Airborne, Match Game
Heroic Strike Playlist: Heroic, Solar Burn, Small Arms, Ironclad
Challenge of Elders: Airborne, Fresh Troops, Melee Kill Bonus
Wrath of the Machine Challenge: Aksis
Weekly Crucible: Mayhem Clash, Doubles

Tyra’s Artifact Inventory

Memory of Jolder: DIS+33, STR+31 (84% of max roll) Removes sprint cooldown penalty.
Memory of Silimar: DIS+63 (83% of max roll) In the Crucible, resistance to damage-over-time attacks is greatly increased.
Memory of Skorri: INT+32, DIS+46 (103% of max roll) When your super is full, nearby allies’ supers recharge faster.

Faction Material Donations

Dead Orbit: Relic Iron
Future War Cult: Helium Filaments
New Monarchy: Helium Filaments
Eris Morn: Hadium

Vendor Showcase (98% and up)

House of Judgement: Devils’ Disguise [H] 100%
Vanguard: Sleeves for all classes are at 98%
Crucible Handler: Sleeves for all classes are at 100%
Future War Cult: Eon Tracer Legs [W], Eon Tracer Bond [W], Eon Tracer Helm [T] all at 98%
Dead Orbit: Endling Gloves [W] 98%, Endling Grasps [H] 100%, Endling Strides [H] 98%, Endling Hood [W] 98%, Endling Plate [T] 99%, Endling Mask [H] 100%
New Monarchy: High Command Gauntlets [T] 98%, High Command Mark [T] 98%
The Speaker: Binary Lazarus [W] 98%

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