Strike Specific Loot


Strike Possible loot
Blighted Chalice Hood of Malok (Hunter Helmet)
Cerberus VAE III Treads Upon Stars (Scout Rifle)
Dust Palace Arc Flayer Mantle (Hunter Cloak)
Solar Flayer Mantle (Hunter Cloak)
Void Flayer Mantle (Hunter Cloak)
Treads Upon Stars (Scout Rifle)
Echo Chamber Imago Loop (Hand Cannon)
Theosylon Vibrissae Gauntlets (Warlock Gauntlets)
Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Baron’s Ambition (Machine Gun)
Devouring Maw Helmet (Warlock Helmet)
Sepiks Perfected Devils Dawn (Sniper Rifle)
Sepiks Deposed Bond (Warlock Bond)
Shield Brothers Mau’ual’s Maulers Gauntlets (Titan Gauntlets)
Treads Upon Stars (Scout Rifle)
The Abomination Heist Devils Dawn (Sniper Rifle)
Mongrel Ogres Grasp’s (Hunter Gauntlets)
The Shadow Thief Baron’s Ambition (Machine Gun)
Cloak of Taniks (Hunter Cloak)
Does Not Bow (Assault Rifle)
The Sunless Cell Dark Blade Helm (Titan Helmet)
Dark Blade’s Spite (Fusion Rifle)
The Undying Mind Imago Loop (Hand Cannon)
Mark of the Undying Mind (Titan Mark)
The Will of Crota Grasp of Malok (Pulse Rifle)
Omnigul Bond (Warlock Bond)
The Wretched Eye Anathema Cannon Mark (Titan Mark)
Devils Dawn (Sniper Rifle)
Hood of Malok (Hunter Helmet)
Winter’s Run Stolen Will (Shotgun)

As well as the above, there is a chance of receiving the following:

Hunter Cloaks:

  • Cloak of Atropos
  • Cloak of Hidden Agendas
  • Cloak of the Leopard
  • Cloak of Trekmor
  • Hood of the Night Sun
  • Octopus Cloak
  • Rustworn Cloak

Warlock Bonds:

  • Bond of Polarity
  • Mystic Drain
  • Paradox and Truth
  • The Unconquerable
  • Trained Chaos

Titan Marks:

  • Mark of Resolve
  • Mark of the First Pillar
  • Mark of the New Sun

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