Weekly Reset September 27 – October 4

Nightfall: Winter’s Run Fallen S.A.B.E.R.: Epic, Berserk, Small Arms, Chaff, Airborne
Heroic Strike Playlist: Heroic, Solar Burn, Small Arms, Ironclad
Court of Oryx: Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota
Challenge of Elders: Chaff, Fresh Troops, Super Kill Bonus

Tyra’s Artifact Inventory

Memory of Felwinter: DIS+151, STR+86 causes Guardians to forfeit their Super Ability in exchange for an extra melee charge, an extra grenade charge, and boosts to the Armor, Recovery, and Agility attributes
Memory of Skorri: DIS+37, STR+32 speeds up the charge rate of Super abilities for all nearby allies.
Memory of Perun: STR+64  highlights enemy Guardians with fully-charged Super abilities in yellow and all enemies with low health in red.

Faction Material Donations

Dead Orbit: Spirit Bloom
Future War Cult: Helium Filament
New Monarchy: Relic Iron

NOTE: Sticking with a text based format for now. I like the pretty pictures, but the Bungie app isn’t playing nice for me. Also, Bungie has yet to enable vendor look up from the app since RoI drop so vendor gear won’t be shown for a while.

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