2016 Clan Merch Poll

Based on everyone’s feedback, it looks like we will try to run a limited Teespring campaign and then a more permanent Cafe Press Store.  

The Teespring campaign will launch around the release of the Rise of Iron expansion and run for about 1 week. The prices of the merch will be marked up slightly, amount TBD and not to exceed $5 US.  The proceeds will be donated to Clan Grimoire’s Extra Life campaign to raise money for children’s hospitals in North America.  In addition, the merch sold during this campaign may include a special shirt back exclusive to the Teespring campaign.  The designs are shown below.  Please provide comments in the Band Post and let us know what you think of the designs.  Keep the back? Lose the back? Black shirts or other colors?  How much should we mark up merch for the Extra Life donations?

Then, after the completion of the Teespring campaign, we’ll post designs to a Cafe Press store.  This is likely to happen in the early to mid October time frame.  This store should be able to support ad hoc purchases with no minimums.  This will allow for a full logo on merch to be sold and for a more ‘basic’ version which was requested to also be sold.  Merch sold on the Cafe Press store front will be sold with $0.00 profit to help keep costs down and from there being funny business with money.  In addition to the designs above, here are some possibilities for the Cafe Press Store which includes a “[GRIM]” logo, the classic CG logo, and the classic CG text only logo.  Again, thoughts?

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